About Ally

I’m passionate about wellbeing and helping people feel better. And to have a career in doing exactly that, I am very lucky and grateful. I was always very active growing up, and started kickboxing in my early twenties after a bout of sedentary years when I had an office job. Kickboxing reminded me that I was happiest when I was moving and made me feel alive again.


From working as a Personal Trainer over the years I hear a similar story. We let work and home & social life take up our time, making keeping fit something that only a few lucky ones seem to manage. We are all at our best when we are doing what our bodies are designed to do. Move – and move lots!! Whether it’s dancing, running, playing footy, lifting weights, whatever… But if it’s not happening then it can seem like an endless battle mentally and physically. But when it comes down to it, along with the physical side, it’s also our ‘mind-set’ that needs adjusting.

Maybe fitness is already a big part of your life and you want to enhance your training & get the push you need to achieve more. Or maybe you’ve realised that you need a personal trainer to be with you step by step towards getting the balance back in your life or back in a body you’re proud of again. Helping others achieve this is what I’m good at and is what I enjoy doing. This can be a much better experience that you’ve ever imagined. You just need to make the first step!

My background is in Martial Arts, instructing as well as being a student. I have been a Powerplate class instructor for several years, working with Pilates style movements which focus on alignment and the body’s natural silhouette. I’m a qualified Personal Trainer, Boxercise & Post Natal instructor, Nutrition and weight loss adviser.

I frequently use High Intensity Interval Training methods when working out myself because the many benefits it offers as well as use it for most clients depending on their goals. Resistance training is key for achieving improved muscle firmness/tone, muscle shape, increasing metabolism & bone density, along with a whole other advantages including weight loss. Plus once you get into it, it’s a whole lot more satisfying then endless hours on a treadmill. Its our duty as fitness professionals to re-educate people not already in the ‘know’, of these up to date and more fun findings of how to exercise more effectively.