Success Stories

I had joined the gym but was an infrequent user and was not sure of how to go about building up my fitness levels properly. Before I started working with Ally I was unfit and lacked the motivation and know-how to improve my fitness. I had never had a personal trainer and was concerned that one would be too like an army sergeant and not listen to what my objectives or any concerns would be.

Ally has been brilliant! She has not only helped build up my fitness levels, but gives good nutritional advise and motivational help in between sessions. Ally is mindful of personal injuries and always makes sure you have a programme that suits you. Working with Ally has improved my fitness and spurred me onto do more exercise. I am fitter and take part in much more exercise on my own back as well as with Ally, which has given me more energy in my working life.

Lisa – Civil Servant Central London

Before I started working with Ally I was going to the gym occasionally and not doing much. I was very overweight and unfit. I was encouraged into starting PT to get my into my bridesmaid’s dress for my sister’s wedding, but it has changed my life.

I honestly didn’t think I would keep up training after the wedding, as I had imagined that it would be just hard work and quite stressful. I thought I was too unfit to have a trainer.

Training with Ally has been fantastic. I’m not someone who is naturally motivated, so having that extra push has really helped me. I am stronger, fitter, healthier and happier now that I exercise regularly. Without Ally’s work, patience and sense of humor I would have given up long ago. Oh yeah….and I got into the dress!!

Gemma – Bid Manager Chiswick

I was struggling to find the motivation to visit the gym regularly and was approaching the point where I would have to start buying size 14 clothes for the first time ever (which was a pretty depressing thought) or do something about it. I also suffer from Lupus and was having frequent periods of sickness and migraines on a monthly basis.

My only reservation was whether I would be pushed too hard and become unwell as a result. I was assessed fully before we commenced training and have been a lot healthier generally as a result of her input and encouragement for which I will be eternally grateful.

Since training with Ally I now have a gym programme which changes approximately every 4-8 weeks and it keeps me motivated as I am not doing the same routine over and over again as before. The training sessions are always varied and enjoyable even in the pouring rain!

Results? It would be a bit difficult to name one to be honest as there are so many. I have lost a stone and a half in weight, become happier, healthier, more confident and suffer less from stress (especially with all the boxing sessions.

Tracey – Podiatrist West London